Global rules and general information.

These rules apply to all parts of the server, and you should probably read them.

1. Use some common sense!

Most servers operate with a no-bullshit common sense ruleset. We do that here too.

If you think that something may crash the server, let everyone else know!

2. Don't be an asshat

If you are bending the rules or are trying to ruin someone's day, you will be dealt with and everyone will hate you.

THAT BEING SAID. If you can't take a little offensive humor now and then, you probably won't fit in.

3. The friend clause

If you're messing around with your friends and they're fine with it, we will try to not get in your way.

4. Stay out of the skybox!

The Skybox is staff only! Don't go putting random props or text there, and then complain that you got banned!

5. Above all else, do not crash the server!

Obviously if you mistakenly crash the server it's usually fine, shit happens. Its the source engine.

That being said, if you knowingly crash/do harm to the server, you will be permanently banned.

ACF rules.

These rules apply to acf combat that takes place on the main server.

Go to TCZ!

We have a server just for combat!
It's much more suited for fighting, with maps and rules
just for ACF combat!

Paste this into your console to join!


If you must fight...

Please abide by these basic rules:
  • No gimbal-based wall cannons
  • Be courteous to those building. Don't shoot at them.
  • In general, act sensibly, don't crash the server with your tank.

View our custom ruleset!

We (will soon) have our own custom ACF Guidelines page! Mostly because these vary from server to server, so we thought it would be a good idea to have our own rules.

Not ready yet.